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JMS Group not only does simply business but also thinks about society:

TVET Mohila Politechnique Institute

JMS Group collaborate in TVET (Technical Vocational Educational Training) program with ILO and CMPI for training of rural female youths and employ them at JMS factories. The training encompasses two months’ training at CMPI and one month practical at training station of JMS with full wages payment and then absorbed in companies’ employment. The successful trainees are given Certificates jointly by ILO, CMPI and JMS. (During Training period company paid USD 7280 per annum to these Trainees).

Recently, a MOU has been signed with CMPI to employ their graduates in Garments Technology at JMS Group industries.

JMS Preprimary School- Funding of Pre School Education Center for Garments Workers’ Children:

Outskirt of CEPZ area, JMS Group with technical and logistic support of PVH, Save the Children and UNDP established a preprimary education center in the year 2011 for early childhood development of our workers’ children and their community for Age Group between 4-5 years. The school successfully operating and implanting education to the downtrodden children.

Funding School in Hatiya, 1000 Students

JMS Group established and run two Schools at the remote island of Hatiya, Chittagong. It spend all the expenses from construction of school houses (which costs about USD 16,200) to regular operation of the institutions including remuneration of teachers and staffs. The schools educate about 1000 students from grades 6-10. (Operation cost is USD 29,048 per year in this purpose).

Funding of College in Hatiya with 400 Students

JMS Group defrays all operational expenses including remuneration of teachers and staffs of Hatiya Community College at Hatiya, Chittagong. (The Group pays USD 11, 065 per year in this purpose).

JMS awards a number of stipend to poor and meritorious students of Hatiya on regular basis.

Centre For Women and Child Health (CWCH)

JMS Group is one of the sponsor of Centre for Women and Child Health (CWCH), a nonprofit earning health care organization at Savar, Dhaka helping in women and child health care and nutrition. The Managing Director of JMS Group is a Trustee of CWCH.

Greenery program for environmental soothing:

To protect and keep our earth serene, a tree Plantation program is under way to plant 10 saplings by each employee / workers to attain minimum 50,000 trees are grown by 2018 after enough allowance for early damage on plantation.