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The JMS Group always follows fair pay policy that is wages, salary and other pecuniary benefits as per law, rather higher than standard considering provision for needs and without any discrimination based on sex, community, race or national origin etcetera.

JMS Group has initial and emergency treatment facilities, provided by Medical Graduates and Nurses at each factory medical center. In case of need, company arranges to transfer the patient to Govt. Hospitals or Clinics at its expenses besides subscribing a fixed amount to BEPZA Medical Centre for each workers / employ monthly. The Group conduct health education program named “HER” Project” under which provides comprehensive support to workers in physical, mental and emotional health.

Under ‘social security’ and ‘wellbeing’ program, company provides group insurance, contributory provident fund, transport, lunch and tiffin etc.

Learning is typically viewed as new knowledge, skill and competencies. JMS Group is relentlessly working for development of its manpower through orientation and training in respect HR practice and skill development. The Group has arrangement of in-house training of workers and officers. Officers are also provided outside institutional trainings. The comprehensive well planned training programs equip them for better output as well as taking higher responsibility with better emolument.

JMS Group gives prime importance on safe and healthy work environment and in these respects attained international standard prescribed by ILO, IFC, Accord and Alliance as well as local law. The group ensured clean and hygienic toilets, airy floors, comfortable chairs, safety equipment at its all the working stations. All arrangement and installations for building and fire safety are there at the factories. Workers and employees are given elaborate orientation on fire safety, electrical safety, first aid and there are dedicated safety and first aid team to help the general workers in time of natural calamity or accident. By elaborate provisions of HR rules, grievance mitigations and good practices, physical and physiological ease of the workers and employees ensured.

JMS Group believes that ‘all human beings are equal by borne’ and as such strictly adhere the Equal Employment and Privilege policy for workers and employees. Irrespective men, women, caste, creed, community, color, religion equal opportunity for employment, enjoying facilities and treatment are practiced in the companies.